A light barrier or strobe is a device that produces a rapidly flashing white light of such intensity that it temporarily destroys the intruder's vision. Such technology is not designed to be installed on its own, as it is not disruptive enough. However, when installed in tandem with a sound barrier which operates simultaneously, the combined effect far exceeds the sum of the parts.

Sensory overload

Most effective in darkened environments, the light barrier attacks the intruder's vision by rendering the eyes incapable of adapting to a highly unstable light level. For maximum effect, a sound barrier will operate simultaneously, meaning that the both the aural and visual senses are being assaulted. This combination quickly results in sensory overload, forcing the intruder to beat a hasty retreat.


Unlike the sound barriers which can operate without mains power, both light barriers require 230V. There are currently two models - the Strobe 10 which utilizes a 1,500W bulb, and the Strobe 16 which uses a more powerful 2,700W bulb for greater impact. A new security strobe currently in the development phase, boasts a flash pattern much more disturbing than existing models. It borrows from the sound barriers' operational philosophy of generating a highly irregular flash frequncy that the intruder can't "block out".