Strobe 10

The Strobe 10 is the original Inferno light barrier and is the most widely used model. Rated at 1,500W with a 10A fuse, the strobe does not place undue demands on mains wiring - meaning that in almost all cases, it can simply be integrated into existing wiring. The strobe is most often installed in tandem with a sound barrier, in order to achieve sensory overload and create maximum disruption and disorientation to the intruder.

Strobe 10 1200

Typical applications:

A huge range of security applications within the commercial, industrial and residential realm - essentially anywhere a sound barrier is required. Unlike the svelte sound barriers, the Strobe 10 is a somewhat ungainly device that may not lend itself to installations where aesthetics are important. If aesthetics are critical, the more inconspicuous Strobe 16 is a more attractive proposition.

Technical summary:

Bulb rating 1,500W
Dimensions 620mm x 240mm x 200mm
Weight 5kg
Voltage requirements 230V, 50/60Hz
Fuse 10A

Data sheet:

Downloadexternal link the Strobe 10 data sheet with complete technical specifications.